Breaking News *** Gwen’s writing on her Blog!

Isn’t that the craziest thing you’ve ever heard!?  Well, if you still don’t believe it, check it out for yourself :)

Just thought I’d share that information with our huge fan base, and our beloved friends :_)

<3, Gwennie – another blog

I’m taking after Mrs. Taco and starting up my own blog as well… you can find it at !? What?!

Mrs. Taco (Gwen DeGroff) has her very own place on the internet!!!

The Taco Tree! Part II

Ok! Here are the pics! I’m sure you’ve been so anxious to see our tree setup action! All in all, our tree this year rocks! We went with a 5 footer.. it’s a dwarf compared to our tree last year! And we also went for the blue spruce (Bruce the Spruce, to be specific), rather than the white pine. While I love the short needles, let me just say “Ouch!” I actually bled while hanging ornaments! Might need to fine a safer tree next year… gloves should not be needed during tree decorating!

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I’ve been elf’d!

The TacoTree – part 1

Despite rain and a generally dreary day, Mrs. Taco and I headed out with some extended family for the annual Christmas tree “hunt” – despite my many protests.

Tonight we will begin the decoration process, which is sure to be an adventure by itself. Hopefully Mrs. Taco will have some pictures up to fill you in on all of the juicy details.

Stay tuned!

Top 6 reasons to shovel snow at night

We got our first snow of the season yesterday, with I’d say 3 solid inches of snow in the TacoYard.

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